South Carolina Youth Challenge Academy Gives Troubled Youth a Second Chance

By December 20, 2016News

South Carolina Youth Challenge cadets

South Carolina Youth Challenge cadets want to help the next young man or women make the right decision to change their lives. Local news coverage of the program allows parents of potential candidates to get an idea of the program. Young men and women enrolled in the program share their views. Cycle 37 Cadets were featured in a news segment on the local news media.

News 19 WLXT, Chuck Ringwalt reporting.

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South Carolina Youth Challenge cadets


SC National Guard’s McCrady Training Center houses the program. The mission of the SC Youth ChalleNGe Academy is to intervene in the lives and reclaim the lives of 16-18-year-old high school dropout. Youth Challenge provides values, life skills, education, and self-discipline.

South Carolina Youth ChalleNGe Academy is not for everyone. It is a choice to change your life. This is not a summer camp. It is as difficult as you make it. When enrolled, you commit to no alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs. You commit to discipline.  This is a critical factor in helping you build your own confidence, self-respect, and physical conditioning.

Youth ChalleNGe is a two-part program.

The first part, the Residential Phase, is 5 months long. This phase includes a 2-week Pre-ChalleNGe phase. The 2-week Pre-Challenge phase gives you time to adjust to the discipline of the program.

The next phase is the ChalleNGe phase. The military structure provides leadership and discipline for students during the residential phase. Youth ChalleNGe is based on leadership, teamwork, and self-discipline.

Cadets can expect these values to be a part of all aspects of Youth ChalleNGe. The program honors the motivation and desires of a student to become a productive, employable young adult graduate.

The South Carolina Youth ChalleNGe Academy offers two classes per year.  One class begins in January and the other class begins July each year. The program provides the education you need. SC Youth Challenge also offers unique opportunities during the 22-week residential period.

The program follows the SC National Guard’s commitment to assisting South Carolina’s youth. You are the future of South Carolina.