There is a Reason You Are Still Here…

By January 12, 2016December 6th, 2016News

Deon Generette Photo by Marissa VannallDeon Generette, a local from Johnsonville, South Carolina visited South Carolina Youth Challenge Academy to speak with the newly enrolled young men and women, ages 16-18 years old, who come from every corner of South Carolina. These young men and women have made the choice to change their lives for the better, taking back their future. They spend 22 ½ weeks away from home with short visits on predetermined dates, dedicated to making a positive change. This is their second chance to achieve their dreams of becoming successful. They lay their foundation for their future.

Mr. Generette is no stranger in witnessing the struggles few of his community members face attempting to be successful viable citizens of society after taking the wrong path in life. He understands people need a second chance to prove they can and want a better life for themselves.They need to be given the opportunity to be successful. Since returning home after several years living in Columbia, South Carolina, Mr. Generette realized his community needed help, and founded a nonprofit Second Chance Organization through his church, White Chapel Holiness Church in Johnsonville. This organization gives community members the chance to prove they can be successful. Recently, his organization was featured in the news media. For more information please follow the link:

The Candidates received Mr. Generette’s message well as he opened the floor to the candidates to say something about themselves and the changes they want to make. He spoke about their purpose in life and the fact there is a reason they are here. The candidates and the staff at South Carolina Youth Challenge are very grateful for his encouragement, motivation and time. Please view the video to hear what he had to say. Deon Generette Encourages the Youth of South Carolina Youth Challenge




By: Marissa Vannall- Public Relations Officer