Your Response Needs to Be a Firm “NO!!”

By January 6, 2016December 6th, 2016News, Parents View

A parent of a Cycle 35 graduate encourages not only the new class, Cycle 36 candidates but also gives the parents a few great words of advice. 

First of all, congratulations to all the candidates for choosing to redirect your future & to change your life for the better. This is a one time opportunity to get on track so no matter how hard you believe that it is, stay focused on the end goal, GRADUATION! 22 1/2 weeks will be over before you know it and at that point, you’ll be ready for the world with a new attitude.

Parents…most of you (not all) are like me…the mother that feels the need to protect your child from EVERYTHING! There is nothing wrong with protecting your child, for the right reasons. However protecting too much and when unnecessary, can lead to your child developing a lack of coping skills, insecurities, low self-esteem, etc. This program will defeat them and challenge everything they have been taught thus far. However it will rebuild them into a person with direction, self-esteem, coping skills, manners, strength, respect for others and education. So please hear me when I say,”If your child calls you and says they hate it, they’re starving and they want to come home!” Your response needs to be a firm “NO!!” Do not bail your child out he/she needs to be right where they are! You do not need to feel ANY guilt or remorse because trust me, you are doing the best thing you can possibly do, for your child. I promise you, they are NOT starving. In fact, they’re eating exactly what they need to.

My daughter graduated Cycle #35 and she is on her way to Aiken Technical College along with a scholarship to a 3D Printing school in Virginia. In fact, she is in Virginia right now and she’s enjoying it. Seven months ago we were in dire straits with her education and none of us were getting along. God will work miracles if you have faith. God bless and good luck to all the new candidates and parents. – Amy Marie, Parent of Cadet Bray, Cycle 35 Graduate





Published by Marissa Vannall